Saturday, September 6, 2014

Life Changes and New Chapters

   The last 16 to 17 months has been the craziest roller coaster I've ever experienced.  Going from knocking down over 6 figures but living a life with zero quality due to my own weaknesses to income cut in 1/2 and struggling with that but hopefully becoming a better person to my family and friends through support of a fantastic running community. Prior blogs cover all that life craziness n I'm not up to living it again...  LOL Most everyone knows by now that I took a position in Odessa,Tx back in sales. Not management or anything like that but out seeing customers and doing what got me to where I was career wise before the train wreck. Everyone in the DFW metro and in Odessa asks me why there??? Back when I was in the truck tire business I went out there weekly selling tires n I developed a great attraction to the people and the country. I am kinda a loner of sorts and the wide open roads I like. Plus I'm closer to the mountains n plan on spending time in Carlsbad n Santa Fe VERY soon!  AND of course it was a financial decision. The last year I've been working to get me right and now it's high time I get myself in a position to get that part corrected. There was one other glaring reason to me but that's just something for on down the road.  Anyway---- I needed the change.
  I'm viewing this as a new chapter. Career wise, personally but also with my running. I am blessed with a great coach in Jenn n super friends all over the state but now my miles in a new town are up to me to get done. It's kinda scary rolling into Cactus Rose 100 at the end of October n it'll be harder now but still I believe very doable. Friday night I had to drive towards Dallas and wound up spending the weekend with my parents. I had a bad ear ache and finally went to the doctor and it'll get better in a few days but the weekend with Mom n Dad is pretty awesome. I can't run til Sunday night per dr so this is a much needed break for my brain as well. Oklahoma City next week for work stuff and spend time with my son Dakota. I'll get my miles in there and I'll roll into Rough Creek 40 in 13 days ready to knock it out.
   Life is funny and takes us down paths we never could envision but  as long as we just keep trying to improve things do get easier.  A friend and life coach I will be using as soon as I can once asked me- What do you want people to say about you at your 50th birthday party? I hope it's just a great hard working dude who's trying to do better n maybe help someone else out on the way. If you're ever out west and wanna go run a mountain or just have a chat hit me up! Til next time RunStrong and if you can't run then WALK with a purpose in life!!!

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