Monday, August 11, 2014

Fueling the Body

    The more I run the more parallels I see in life. Endurance running requires a fine balance of calories and electrolytes to maintain my energy level and to stay hydrated. Yesterday I had a 20 mile run on my schedule and it was a fabulous morning until mile 12. I use SCap tabs for my sodium and was using a drink additive-Perpetuem for calories. At mile 8 I went by the truck to get 2 caps and refill my handheld bottle. About mile 12 I hit a wall. I had zero run in me and was just sluggish and felt bloated but fortunately I can walk a little and pushed on at about a 15:30pace for a couple of miles. During this walk I got to thinking what caused this?  I thought I was doing things right but it was what it was and all I could do was to push on and get to the truck to gather my thoughts.
 Life is like this I'm seeing. We try and do everything right and put good things into our life but if we are off just a little on fueling our life we hit a wall. I've been struggling a lot lately on some personal issues and fighting some demons from the past. That walk yesterday was almost heaven sent. You get broke down mentally and all you can do is push on to the next place to restart yourself.
  In my ice chest I had a Coke n I drank that in about 3 swallows. If you ever wanna run, trust me, that stuff is like jet fuel! I lost the handheld, filled up my hydration vest and finished my 20 miles pretty easy. Last night I was told I was taking in too much Sodium and my body couldn't process water fast enough. Makes perfect sense. Kinda like in life when I try and fix too many issues all at the same time and wind up dang near going off the rails.  Sometimes a good bonk with some walking is just what is needed in life as well as running. Until next time- RFP (relentless forward progress)

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