Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Running Crazy!!!

 As most of my close friends know I went ahead n entered the Cactud Rose 100 miler in October in Bandera,Tx. Some think I'm crazy as a loon n others will kick my arse if I don't finish. Either way. I love you all n glad you are here to watch this ride I'm on.  Ever since I ran a 50k in Los Alamos,NM I knew this was my next goal but I kinda just joked about it with most people.  5k to a 100 miler in 10 months? Yea it's a stretch but I have a huge heart n desire to get this done.  My last few races I've had a friend motivating me n believing in me.  That always helped when things got dark on a run.  I lost that friend a coupla weeks ago due to circumstances beyond my control n then my reaction to it. You cannot change what's been done but fortunately I have a badass coach and a even better friend in Jenn  to keep me on point n get this deal done. Monte and sooooo many others keep me motivated as well.  John Sharp with his crazy 60k walk to Chuy's.  That kinda stuff keeps it fun.  John, I cannot wait to run with you. You'd make a great pacer on my death march those last few miles.  LOL Dat! Dude your Bryce run was amazing! I've read your report 6 times n love it. People like you makes guys like me keep going.  Jenn has an event that day n can't be at CR100 so I'm looking for pacers n a crew.  I have 36 hours to finish n won't DNF until that time is up it or I'm carried off. That I can assure you! PM me if you are interested in helping me AND other runners get through this course.

  Other stuff- heck yes I'm trying to get out to Odessa. People keep asking why? Folks, I'm country to the core n everyone that knows me knows this. I LOVE Dallas and my running community.  They have had a life altering impact on my life. I do have other long term running goals and closer to the mountains would help in that on down the road and I could still make a decent living there as well.  There may be other reasons as well but running is the main one.

5k stuff- I really want to start a support group for people who want to utilize the C25k app. Any help would be appreciated. I talk to people daily about trying it n they have so many questions. As a runner I guess because of my support network I take that for granted. There are many out there that just want to get out there n live healthier. No crazy goals or anything. Just a lifestyle change n I think they need a place to go to for anwsers to questions- whether it be bra's, shoes, diet,etc. Most are not a part of a run group n really aren't ready to join one so I am working on starting SUMTHIN to help these people in their journey. Stay Posted!!  Til next time #RunStrong!

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  1. I don't want to pace, but I will be at Cactus helping out and can assist. Be patient and eat. There is plenty of time on the clock.