Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hello Again....

Dang, Its been nearly 2 years have gone by since I've written anything on here...

So much of my life has changed. Almost a year ago since my last race where I dropped 85 or so miles in when I could barely walk. Becky, the nurse at so many Texas trail races, came over and asked me what I had to prove. Enough said so I showered and drove back home. The only thing I ever tried to prove to myself running is that I could go 100 miles.
  Running was good to me at a certain point in my life but I'll never consider myself a runner.  It all started out wanting to meet new people and better my life.  Did it? I met some great people I made memories with that hopefully will remain my friends the rest of my life. Did it better my life? I can't attest for that. Sure I wasn't out drinking every night but honestly the time,effort and money it took, I simply traded one thing for another.  It was cool running 100 miles 3 separate times and a multitude of other shorter races but no I dont think it changed me much.  I've always felt I could accomplish anything in my life I chose and running wasn't much different for me. I never wanted it to define me as it could for others. At the peak of training cycles it may have seen that's what defined me but the level of training requires that. People are the same everywhere. Some are there because they love it and some are simply escaping a bad relationship or an addiction. I know a few that's just there for a hustle or to make themselves feel maybe important in life. It's like that in all walks of life and nothing is wrong with it if that's your thing. I must say that my little running group in Dallas- Dallas Dirt Runners are some of the best people I've ever met and I do miss those guys n gals BUT I  don't miss running enough to join them right now. :):)  So many others outside this little group have touched me along my running journey and I hope we remain friends forever!! At the end of the day the thrill was gone for me.

   I married my best friend just over a month after my last race and life has been great.  There are so many more things in life I want to accomplish and places I need to see.  Since leaving running my work has excelled as well as a few other things that I've always dabbled in and I must say that between me and the wife, our combined cooking skills are getting to be off the charts! In addition, it's kinda cool to plan a trip not having to worry about how tore up your legs will be on a return flight home!
New interests require some new people in your life and I welcome that but will always remain friends with many of the people I shared trails with. I'll always be there if any of them needs to reach out for my humble opinions on races and training. Heck some day, I may show up at a race to work a aid station and laugh at those crazy people trying to knock out a ultra..... Throughout my 30's people have always told me that the most productive and best time of your life was between 45 and 60. I'm 50 now so I figure I still have a ton of production to do no matter where my crazy life takes me!

I'll try to do better with this blog in my next crazy goal once I get that figured out... Got some ideas but nothing concrete just yet..... Til next time #LiveStrong

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