Monday, April 25, 2016

Running back home.....

Wow! That was a crazy last 30 to 45 days in my life......  Took a job, moved to Denver and now I'm back home in Plano figuring out what's next. Sometimes paths in life seem so easy and you get pulled in a certain direction but that's not always the right one to go down.  A job fell into place, housing and boom! I was gone to Denver.  It's a ok place but I gotta say that 2 weeks was plenty for this kid from Plano,Tx.
  Back track to January and I met a lady in a grocery store here in Plano.  We hit it off and spent alotta time together until I moved. She talked about maybe one day going up there but I was really just focused on my run and I thought if that's meant to be then it'd work out.  I went and ran a race out in western Colorado last weekend but due to a snow storm, I couldn't drive back to Denver until the following day.  Sitting in a hotel room in po'dunk Colorado really just sucks but I got through it.  The next day on my drive home I plugged my ITunes into my car and was just listening to some independent bands I like  and there's this kid from Duncan,Oklahoma named Chance Anderson who has a great sound so I've downloaded his stuff. He has a song "The Road Don't Take Me There" and I heard it and I put that song on repeat and after about the 4th time I got the message and didn't want to be the guy in the song that gives up a loving life to chase a dream......

See running saved me from a crappy selfish life. It's made me a better person but that day I felt like it had simply replaced the bottle that used to control my every thought in life.  I want running to be fun and to be a joy and not tear apart the chance to have someone in my life that loves me for who I am. Oh n that gets the running deal..... I worked all last week until I got the nerve to call my old job and they said they wanted me back so I loaded up and got myself back to Texas.  Maybe it'll work out career wise but if not I'm pretty sure it'll be ok.  I'm sure some friends in Colorado were disappointed and I hope they will understand one day.  In the meantime, I'll be running back near my old neighborhood  and trying to become better.  I still have some questions for myself on what to do next but it'll come and life will go on.  Til next time #RunStrong

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