Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dance in The Rain

  It's been a difficult and very odd week professionally and personally. Weeks like this my run miles go through the roof n I logged dang near 60.  Kinda a weird trade-off but nothing is normal in my drive to run further n faster than I've ever dreamed of. The highlight of my week was running with a couple of people not real familiar with Cedar Ridge (my favorite place).  It's pretty cool running with people and helping them through the few miles.  Kinda goes hand in hand with my long term goal of being able to help people achieve goals through running or have it impact them in a positive way as it has mine. That will come in time n in the meantime I'll still train hard n try to help others.  All week I've been trying to run in the heat.  No actual race is ever perfect so I train in as difficult times that I can find.  Just as in life, things change and if you just run when it's cool then heat will ensure that I'll bonk.  Life threw me a couple of curveballs. One could be great and exciting and one isn't so positive but as in running, some things you can't control. My friend Aaron Conner uses a coupla quotes that I use in life as well as when I run. " Embrace the Suck" and "Relentless Forward Progress-RFP." You can google it to get their origins but basically life and running is accepting the situation and never stop.  I woke up today n looked at the radar n it was pouring rain.  I was REALLY excited. After 95 degree runs last week I couldn't wait.  Plus I hadn't ran much on trails in a  downpour.  I don't think they will postpone Cactus Rose or Rocky Racoon 100 because of rain so that 24 miles I got in today was perfect for me mentally. Life won't stop over a coupla little issues either. Rain, Sunshine or even a freak snowstorm the race goes on just as life does.  It's up to us to use difficult times as training so when things are better our journey is easier! Run Strong and help someone out whenever the opportunity presents itself!

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