Monday, November 2, 2015

#TROT and stuff...

  The last month has been really reflective for me. I think about that 1st 5k Feb 2014 with my sister & friend Janet. That's all I ever really had in mind when I started this running journey. At the start line I knew that I would finish but I was so nervous. So many people and I had to compete against them. Boy was I wrong! I only had to compete against myself. It was a struggle that day mentally. Someone I cared about was running with me and a person I loved for many years was running it too.  No not planned but it was all I could to get through the race. The weeks after the race my running exploded. I was going further each week and my body soon demanded that I get my run in. So many people helped me last year as I slogged my way through every distance except a 10k. Steven Monte,Jennifer Kimble, Nikki,Jose, Jacquline and the list could go on all day! If you are reading this and you ran with me than chances are I gleaned so much info from you to help me in my journey!
  Brazos Bend 100- this was I think a turning point in my run.  Sure I ran 100 miles and it was great but the people I met and the lessons I took away are so much more! I met Dale and Rachel at the start  and I met a wonderful lady at an aid station that has become a great friend and confidant over the last year. Becca - you rock girl! I met the race director that day too. Robert Goyen. Just a good man who has overcame so much adversity in his life as many ultrarunners have is impressive.
In the months since then many other people have impacted my life as well. Carl and Nick have become great friends and guys I can count on anytime anywhere. Some athletes so much better than I could ever dream of being let me bounce ideas off them and they come up with great advice and I so appreciate each and every one of them.  The right people have seemed to come into my life at the right time to help me in this crazy running journey I'm on. I'm very humbled!
  So why Trail Racing over Texas? I volunteered at Habanero Hundred in August and watching Rob with his runners over a 23 hour period I knew I wanted to be a part of his organization. I love my Team RWB guys and yup I'm still gonna run with you but I felt this ambassador deal would give me the best chance to give back to the trail running community that has given me so much! No matter how many races I complete in the coming years the community as a whole has given me so much more and I appreciate you guys and girls helping me get my life back! To next time #RunStrong #teamTROT

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