Wednesday, July 15, 2015


  Lately since I'm single I've had kind of a joke in passing with people that my next significant other had to know how to cut up an avacado with relative ease. It's one of the things I'm truly terrible at. As a single guy off n on for right at 6 years, I've somewhat developed a "wish list" of certain traits with hopefully someday a lifelong partner. Heck just Saturday I was making a joke about finding a woman who would cut up my avacadoes for me. Yes, it is one of my favorite things to eat! Finally Sunday I broke down and went to the grocery store as all I had to eat was Peanut Butter and canned soup. After browsing around trying to think of awesome healthy things to eat I decide to come hell or high water I was going to cut up my own damn avacadoes. I don't need a woman for something this simplistic!!! I get them and some fresh tortillas and away I went. I was going to conquer the one thing that I cannot do on my own. Sounds really easy.....
 Monday night I get home and I cut them up just as a friend told me and BOOM! My dinner was served!! I loved it and went to bed fat and happy!! I had this feeling like I don't need a woman to cut up my food and I'd be just fine without one. Sounds crazy but as a guy that prides himself on doing ok in a kitchen, this has been a nemesis that I conquered! Well tonight I got home and wanted the same dinner. I picked my avacadoes Sunday with I thought the same softness but that was nothing but a trainwreck. I had it all over me, the counter and my plate. Finally I was able to muster up a resemblance of a few avacado slices to eat on my tortillas and it was pretty much a crappy dinner...
 Why am I writing this??? As I was eating alone and thinking, I realize that some battles in life we cannot fight alone. Whether it's love, life or just my running. I can strike out on my own and do my training alone for awhile but at some point it'll bite me and I won't be able to push on without help. The same with being with someone for hopefully forever. If you just settle you might not ever find someone to help you cut up avacadoes. The same can be said for life.
 No 2 avacadoes are the sane just as no 2 races are the same or just as different situations in life are alike. Without someone helping us along then one day we will have perfection followed by just a hot mess. Having that one person there- whether it be a coach, significant other or just a friend will keep things sliced perfectly. Now I gotta get to the store and try to pick out my avacadoes a little better????  Til next time #RunStrong

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