Friday, May 8, 2015

Running and Relationships

   People often ask me why I'm not married, have a significant other,blah blah blah.... I am told I run too much, spend too many early mornings at the gym. I go to bed too early and some more noise about my eating habits,etc. . I guess most people don't remember the guy that drowned his fears in alcohol for years and ALWAYS had to be in a relationship. That needy guy is gone replaced by a person who believes in himself and is very passionate about life.  Sure I meet people and at the 1st sign that someone could upset my apple cart I go away. See my lifestyle, my running community and my enjoyment of the peace I've found is my relationship. I can be who I choose to be every day with a clear mind. Nobody is asking me to stay put at a bar and miss a beautiful sunrise the next day. It's kinda cool. I can pick a vacation- ie:run and go do what I enjoy doing the most right now in my life. Who else can do that? Not many but it's my life and my journey.
  I see peers struggle daily in their personal lives at times. Everyone wants to blame the easy stuff. Drinking,working,friends,golf,running but nearly everyone ignores the elephant in the room... Dang those are battles I don't want to fight and don't have to right now. Everyone says there must be balance in life. Yea I hear that alot too. Most who say that has never ran an ultra. I'm I being selfish? Yes for sure but when I'm laying in that casket covered in dirt nobody will be there either and that's ok.  As a kid my Dad use to say when he would meet my friends "Birds of feather flock together." He was so right on so many levels! Til next time #RunStrong

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