Monday, March 9, 2015

Random Training Thoughts & Guys Running Down the Road

   It's been 6 weeks since Rocky Raccoon100. Heck yea I'm still stewing over that but like life, I need things like that to push me on to other adventures. I did quite a bit of self evaluation and decided that I'd best train harder for my next race- Go big or stay home.. That being said, my core and upper body strength really blows. Jennifer -my coach- told me to get in a gym. Well heck Ive never gone to a gym on a regular basis so it's a steep learning curve but after a month of going 3 to 5 days a week I can start to tell a real difference. At 1st I told myself I couldn't afford it but then got to adding up the few beers I did drink every week and heck I could do that plus some if I quit that. I can't finish my next race if I'm drinking every day or every week anyway. People that don't drink always tell me just to stop. Sometimes I wish I could but it's more complex than that. I do enjoy a beer with pizza or with the guys and a glass of wine or stiff drink after a beat down of a run. Anyway- got off the booze and have been going at it hard. Gym in the mornings & run after work. Some say it's over the top but I say it's more commitment and keeping my word that I'll finish. When you have a coach helping you improve, you gotta put out max effort. My best friend Steven will travel with me to Georgia. We will run seperate but he can't worry about me. Pompy may go and he can't either. Last but definitely not least- my pacer and crewperson- Kerri will put that foot up my butt if I falter so needless to say, it's just non stop work.
  On to my epic weekend. My friend and someone I consider a mentor- John Sharp messaged me and asked me to run with these guys crossing the USA. It had rained all week & I knew trails were out so I was going to join him on Saturday. After committing I had forgotten I had promised a friend Id help her move that day. Needless to say, John had to wait a day so I could help with the move. Going from a 3rd floor apt to a 1st floor is work! Fortunately Jorge Gonzalez showed up & we got it all loaded. Once we got to her new apartment a couple showed up like angels and with their help we got it off in no time! Its a real joy in life helping others out so it was a great day seeing her kids in their new room! 
  Sunday- I talked to John Saturday night and they were just outside of Jacksboro,Tx. John Sharp is a ultra beast - he's ran the Texas Indepence Relay 200 solo, Hardrock 100 a few times, a 333k in India, some crazy race in South America as well as many other races. His side kick Gina was going to be there so I was pretty pumped to share some miles with these 2. She acts like a sweet little girly girl but she's a great ultra runner as well. Just the kind of people I can learn more from. These 2 guys crossing the country I knew nothing about but if John knows them then they gotta be pretty hardcore. I meet up with them in Jacksboro,Tx and another guy,Eric, shows up fromArlington to run as well. These 2 guys Jup & Pat are just great individuals. They are running coast to coast to promote the 100 Mile Club. It's a program in schools to get kids active and hopefully fight childhood obesity.  Currently the program is in 8 states and needs to be in all 50. Jup is from New Zealand and lately from Japan and Pat hailed from Hunington Beach,Ca. They have a 2 person crew in a RV - Vanessa and Shaky who drives ahead and waits on them so Pat & Jup can refuel and get another 5 or 10 miles down the road. We left Jacksboro and we ran and talked and ran and talked. After about 1/2 mile I soon found out if we ran harder John is less likely to sing and that's a plus.  Both Jup & Pat spent time with everyone telling us their stories and wanting to hear ours. When we got close to Bridgeport we decided to run a Beer Mile. Back when I drank a lot I could down a beer pretty quick but after 18 miles before starting  it was a little tough but Myself, Gina- The Legend and Pat got it done. Pat in like 7:05 and of course I brought up the rear!! After that we had to run a few more miles on into town where they spent the night. I thought about Sunday all day today and what I learned from it. I think what made it epic for me is what I think I took away from the entire weekend. Commit to helping your fellow man and follow through with it. Personal Records and however many marathons you run will not matter once you are gone. Jup & Pat and many others do so much more with their running to impact others and hopefully will have a lasting effect on real lives. Heck yes I still have personal goals with finishing Cruel Jewel 100 in May being my next one but along my journey what can I do to help others? I'm active with Team RWB but are there other avenues I can help others as well? I'll be looking for that. Til next time #RunStrong

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