Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Had to try my hand at this!

  Most everyone knows that I'm trying to be a ultrarunner. What is that? Its a person who runs longer than the traditional 26.2 mile  marathons. Why do you want to do this? I get really bored with traditional things in life and I find the status quo real annoying for me! Hey it works for many but I've always kind of gone against the grain ALOT! I go big or I stay home! Plus I have a very addictive personality so when I decide to do something I'll work my butt off til I accomplish it or I crater. Yea I've cratered a lot during my 46 years. I'm sure many will ask why a 46yr old guy is trying his hand at blogging and I'm sure I'll ask Why not? Secretly I always wanted to be a columnist but my attention to English in school was lacking. That and I was busy working so I could afford to drink beer and chase skirts.

  I was raised in a Holiness God fearing home and really appreciate that although I'm a practicing "stay at home Baptist." Me n God use to do our talking on deer stands and now we do it out running trails. Trails? Yea at my age the concrete was too hard and my friends were on trails so it's "monkey see,monkey do." Yes we run down dirt paths,climb rocks and get filthy dirty. Kinda reminds me of the Sundays I'd spend in McKinney with the Gibson boys between church services. At 17, I left home to make it in the oilfield. That went bust pretty quick but I got better at drinking and that's the one thing that followed me nearly my entire life. A couple of divorces, time in jail and losing a kid never stopped me from indulging on a daily basis. It's the only thing that was consistent in my life other than my God and my family helping me up after my bad falls.

  Why am I blogging about this? If my trials help one person, I'll be happy. Whether it's drinking, overcoming a lack of confidence, or a personal issue. Lack of confidence? Yea I've had many. Dealing with a stutter all my life is a real kick in the pants early on until you embrace who you are. The miles I run- just a few short months ago I'd say those people were crazy and yea they are still crazy but they give me the confidence to take this journey and knowing they will help me along makes it so much easier when things get tough.

  What changed me? In 91 I found my 1st true love. My drinking and our lives were not aligned. After my last divorce in 09 I reconnected with her  and it was great BUT once again my drinking took control and lots of bad decisions were made on my part. I left and then compounded the issue by doing terrible things to her and her daughter. Things you can't just apologize for and later when it hit me what I had done to her, I had to change. Yea it's a daily battle. The 5pm urge to get a beer has subsided but I do slip and fall but it's working great so far and I'm starting to really like me again!!

   I've ran very few actual races. Jan I did my 1st 5k, Feb a 25k,March a 1/2 marathon and in April I did my 1st 55k(34 mile) run. I finally get to do a trail marathon Saturday near Austin as a prep race for a 50k next month. Who would think of running a marathon as a prep??? Not me in about a million years until now. Where am I going with this crazy running? Well doesn't everyone wanna do a 100 miler? OK most people don't but with the support and friends I have why shouldn't I?
  I'm sure I ramble and bounce around and I tend to be a random person but THANKS for reading!
  Until next time #RunStrong


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  1. I'm excited to have a fellow blogger in the Fam! I'm sure you'll do great, love you!